2022 Seasonal Updates


We are here today to announce our Seasonal Updates for A Song of Ice and Fire!

As we have done over the last few years of the game’s life, every six months we perform a balance patch to assess items such as overperforming/underperforming units, as well as modify and/or tweak the various Game Modes (or even core rules, occasionally) should we see need.

Unfortunately, this was disrupted during 2021 for a number of reasons.

In late 2020 we announced our upcoming 2021 changes, which saw the largest revamp of assets to the game to date. This was taken as our chance to streamline wording across the game, refine any core rules, and generally update things on a larger scale than we had previous done. Whereas prior patches saw changes to a handful of items, 2021 affected every facet in some form (usually just wording re-writes, but again we took this opportunity to modify things as we saw need).

Initially the full update, which consisted of the 2021 Card Packs, was to release at the same time as the Greyjoys landed on the shores of Westeros (January 2021), but various delays pushed this window back to April/May 2021. While the Greyjoys landed at this time, the card packs were hit by the paper shortage and further shutdowns that occurred in manufacturing. While this was being sorted, we made the decision to release the update digitally via our War Council App as well as the files for print on our website.

Flash forward to present, and it seems logistics has still proven problematic for some regions, as our 2021 Card Packs have only arrived in some area in December 2021/January 2022. Quite the delay. As we mentioned, however, the content has been available since May 2021 and we have collected a large degree of feedback and data in that time. While it is unfortunate that the physical cards are only now making it to numerous areas, we still wish to release our digital patch update per our intended schedule. As usual, all these files are available for free on the War Council App and available for download on our website.

General Overview

All changes are intended for Tournament Play and Competition. Casual players may elect to wave them should they desire.


Future Items

2022 Seasonal Updates

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