2022 US Regional Qualifiers Schedule


It is our pleasure to make a few announcements regarding the ASOIAF:TMG Organized Play and US competitive play in 2021.

First, We are happy to declare that this weekend’s sold out event at LVO will act as the first Regional Qualifier event of the 2022 season. The winner of this event will be declared the Las Vegas Open Regional Champion for 2022 and will earn a seat and first round bye at the US National Championships to be held at Gencon Indy in August. Additionally, The players that finish in the top 4 for this event will also be given a seat for the US National Championships.

Next, We are happy to announce the major tournaments scheduled for Adepticon in March and WonderCon in April will also act as Regional Qualifier events with the winners of these events also to earn a seat and bye at the National Championships. Additionally, top finishers at these events will be granted a US National Championship seat with the number of qualifiers to be announced based on the final registration for these events.

To confirm, the 2022 US National Championship will be held at GenCon Indy and will only be open to participants who earned a seat through Regional Qualifier events. These seats will be made available through major US convention events AND through special Regional Qualifier tournaments held by US retailers over the next 6 months. Interested retailers can email OrganizedPlay@cmon.com starting February 4th for details regarding the Regional Qualifier series and how to register for their own Qualifier tournament.

Finally, We are happy to award the first 2022 US National championship seat to Brett Lanpher, our 2021 US National Champion. As reigning champion Brett will receive a 2 round bye at the 2022 National Championship and paid entry for GenCon 2022.

We look forward to an exciting 2022 Competitive season in the US with more announcements soon to come about National Championship events around the world.

2022 US Regional Qualifiers Schedule

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