2024 Brings Reinforcements Across the Board!

In Q1 2024, new units are coming to reinforce the Stark, Free Folk, Baratheon, and Greyjoy armies! A more detailed look at their in-game characteristics is coming soon, but for now, let’s learn more about the kind of units you can expect!

On the Stark front, the House Umber Ravagers will come marching in. Ravagers aren’t as heavily armored as some cavalry, but they strike with unbridled fury. They’re fast, efficient, and resilient. Perfect troops for the North, they excel in leading the charge with merciless strokes, especially against infantry.

For the Baratheons, the Halberdiers incorporate the feeling of a walking fortress. The traditional weakness against cavalry shared by most infantry is mitigated, and a cavalry or flanking force that hesitates in their charge against the Baratheon lines opens themselves up to weaknesses that a good commander can exploit. Many creative means of destroying the enemy become available to commanders that employ Halberdiers in their composition.

For the Greyjoys, the Stony Shore Pillagers seize everything not nailed down, and strike anyone trying to flee the battle. Once they gain momentum, they’re difficult to take down, but care must be taken to shield them from direct assaults, especially against heavily armed troops. Deploy them on a flank, and the Stony Shore Pillagers will endanger the enemy line.

Finally, beyond the Wall, the Giant Spear Throwers join the Free Folk Army. As if giants in the line-of-battle weren’t bad enough, the enemies of the Free Folk must also face giants standing in the back and hurling spears the size of tree trunks. These powerful creatures can devastate even a heavily armored line, they’re more lethal at range than up close but approach with caution, even an unarmed giant is still a giant. Crude but effective, they rain destruction from the backlines.

There you have it. A quick look at what is coming in early 2024. Winter is here, Bannermen. Be sure to keep warm!

2024 Brings Reinforcements Across the Board!

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