A Horrifying Foe

The cruelty and sadism of House Bolton is known throughout Westeros. Nobody likes looking across the field and seeing the banner of the Flayed Man on the other side of the field. Their presence alone can turn the tide of battles, as the strength and resolve of their enemies simply fades into the very soil. This month, House Bolton’s heaviest foot troops will be marching to war. Let’s take a deeper look at the House Bolt Blackguards and see what players will be dealing with.

The Blackguards are not a cheap unit, coming in at six points to add to an army. Being a Neutral unit means that most players will have a chance to add them to their forces, but it also means that they can also encounter them on the other side of the field often as well. With such a hefty point cost, the unit dons its heaviest of armor, granting them a 3+ Defense Save. However, such armor is heavy and slows the unit down to a Movement speed of only 4. The unit is equipped with spiked flails, throwing seven dice when they attack and hitting on a 4+. Being paid in coin and their own sadistic nature grants them a Morale value of 6+. They won’t quit the battlefield easily, but they also know that sometimes discretion is the better part of... well... they’re not really valorous, but they’d rather watch others get harmed than get hurt themselves.

The unit sports a single special ability that brings the fear that the Blackguards instill in the enemy right onto the battlefield. Horrific Visage makes it so whenever an enemy makes a melee attack against the Blackguards, that unit must first pass a Panic Test. Even when they’re on the offensive, enemies are wary of what members of House Bolton might be up to and just might turn and run. Nobody wants to get close to someone from House Bolton and will put as much distance between them whenever possible. As such, the more enemies try and attack the Bolton Blackguards, the more chances that some of the enemy unit might simply run away. The Bolton Blackguards unit box also comes with the Bolton Flayer Unit Attachment.

At only a single point, it can easily be added to any unit. The Bolton Flayer is an easy way to add some regeneration to a unit. Its Prey on Fear ability means that whenever an enemy unit engaged with the Flayer’s unit fails a Panic Test, the Flayer’s unit can restore 2 Wounds. Pairing the Flayer with the Blackguards is obvious, since units facing them will be regularly making Panic Tests. In perfect circumstances, the Blackguards could even end an attack against them with more troops than they started with while the enemy is the one losing figures.

Many Houses look to add House Bolton units to their forces. They certainly aren’t the House with the highest morals in Westeros, but morals alone never set someoneon the Iron Throne.

The House Bolton Blackguards will be available October 18th.

You can read more about the Bolton Blackguards here.

A Horrifying Foe

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