A Song of Ice and Fire: 2021 Digital Updates

Bannermen! We have some very exciting news for you today! If you’ve been keeping up with our Visions in the Flames article series, you have no doubt eagerly awaiting the full release of the 2021 Updates. Well, we are glad to announce that the time is almost upon us!

Before we get into things, if you want to catch up on the Visions in the Flames series, you can do so by clicking the link below:


Assuming you’re all caught up, let’s talk about the 2021 Update:

This release will be handled in two waves: The Physical Card Pack Release and the Digital Online Update. We wanted these releases to coincide with each other,but unfortunately, we’ve been hit on the receiving end of a paper shortage in China which has affected our master schedule. Even while exploring other world-wide printing options, this has ended up causing ripple effects which delayed our production timetables and pushed back when we’re going to be able to roll the physical card packs out.

As a result, we’ve decided to advance the release of the Digital Online/War Council Update, so you can already begin integrating and utilizing the full 2021 Release.

Here’s what you need to know:

And there you have it Bannermen. It's been a long time coming but its now time to take to the battlefield and reclaim your glory!

A Song of Ice and Fire: 2021 Digital Updates

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