ASOIAF US National Championship 2023

The 2023 Song US National Championship will be held September 16th - 17th at The GameZenter in Roseville, MN. The number of rounds played will be dictated by final headcount of entrants. Prizes and all giveaways will be awarded after the conclusion of the tournament on Sunday, September 17th.

Event Format:

The US National Championship will consist of a number of 90-minute rounds determined by the number of entrants. All tournament conditions will be based upon 40-point Army Constructions with procedural guidelines as published in the A Song of Ice & Fire TMG tournament Guidelines v1.6 (click here) for Time Limits and End of Round, Pairings, Pre-Game, Victory and Scoring, and Winning the Event.

The event will utilize the most recent Seasonal Rules Update released on or prior to September 2nd, 2023.

Terrain will be provided by the players themselves and chosen as part of setup, as detailed in page 26 of the rulebook.

Game Mode for each round will be determined in secret by CMON and made known prior to the beginning of each round. Please bring terrain appropriate for all possible game modes to be played.

❄️Below you will find the venues for your last chances to qualify for the US National Championship for A Song of Ice & Fire TMG!🔥

⚔️July 29th - White Knight Games & Hobbies - 1200 Euclid Ave. Helena, MT 59601

⚔️July 29th - High Ground Hobbies and Cafe - 113381 Hatchett Road, West Madison, AL 35757

⚔️July 30th - Epic Loot Games - 9130 Dayton-Lebanon Pike, Centerville, OH 45458

⚔️July 30th - Source Comics and Games - 2057 Snelling Ave N., Roseville, MN 55113 45458

⚔️August 12th - Refuge Gaming - 1480 Pearl Rd. Ste. 6, Brunswick, OH 44212

⚔️August 12th - The Great Canadian Open - 5170 Dixie Rd #102, Mississauga, ON, Canada, L4W 1E3

⚔️August 26th - Games Plus - Mt. Prospect, IL  - 24 Player Limit. $15.00 purchase for entry. $10.00 of every entry gets added back to the prize pool for the event. Best Painted Army winner takes home an entire Kickstarter Set of Two Thin Coats by Duncan Rhodes.

We wish you victory on the battlefield, Bannermen!

ASOIAF US National Championship 2023

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