EU National Championships

Bannermen! We are happy to provide more information on the EU National Championship Events mentioned earlier in the year. We have been working with some amazing organizers in countries all over Europe and are looking forward to sponsoring these amazing competitive events in 2022.

In 2021, we were so proud the sponsor the impressive event put on at the London GT by the folks at Northern Realms Gaming and felt that the 2022 tournament would make for a great UK National Championship. As such we are happy to recognize the 2022 London GT Tournament as the official UK National Championship tournament for 2022. This event will be held in October but, folks interested in participating can check out the details here.

Italy will be hosting its first Italian National Championship tournament at Modena Play starting on May 20th. This event will be organized by the La Tana degli Orchi gaming club who has made amazing efforts to promote the ASOIAF:TMG in their home country over the last year. We are so happy to be working again with this enthusiastic team for an amazing event.

France has been host to a number of impressive tournaments since the game's inception, many of these put on by the club and youtube group, Le Bar à Théo. As fans of the game and capable tournament organizers, we felt this group would be best to organize the 2022 French National Championship event. At this time, we are still working out the date and location for this event but, we will be happy to update our fantastic French community as soon as we know more.

Finally, we are currently working to find appropriate hosts for National Championship events in other EU countries. Any clubs or game organizations that would be interested in organizing National Championship events in their home country, please reach out to [email protected] with information about your group as we would be happy to add more Championship tournaments to the competitive schedule for 2022.

EU National Championships

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