First in Battle: A Mini-Campaign

First in Battle is a short, progressive series of games featuring options to expand and customize units, as well as utilizing special Character Units only available during the campaign. This campaign is designed primarily for 2 players, but rules for expanding the number of players are also available.

We would like to note that this Campaign module is still in its design and development stages. We decided to release this document in its early format to provide some additional content for those facing quarantine and/or limited social availability due to recent events, so please expect to see this re-released in a more flushed out/finalized version sometime in the future.

We know that these are tough times for many out there, so we do hope that this little contribution can provide some entertainment to any out there who may need it.

"All halls lead somewhere. Where there is a way in, there is a way out. Fear cuts deeper than swords.

-Arya Stark

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First in Battle: A Mini-Campaign

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