Organized Play Events Happening in April and May 2023

April showers hopefully bring muddy battlefields to destroy your opponents, so lets look at the upcoming events for April and May!

European Events

⚔️ The 2023 Swedish Nationals

 The 2023 Swedish Nationals are being organized byVästerås Wargaming and will be held on May 13th -14th! Registration information can be found here.

North American Events

⚔️The Grand Clash - Canadian Nationals

The 2023 Canadian Nationals are happening April 21-23rd! See their website for more information regarding registration.

🧊Days of Ice and Fire🔥

 Originally scheduled for late April, Days of Ice and Fire has been cancelled for logistical reasons. It will be replaced by a super regional event in May (details below). 

⚔️A Song of Ice and Fire: TMG Super Regional

 This Super Regional is being hosted at The GameZenter from May 19th- 21st! This Super Regional Tournament worth 8 seats at the US Finals. In addition to the Super Regional, we'll also have a trivia night, a painting competition, a Designer panel (with cool new announcements) and Live Learn to Play Demos! Tickets to this super regional event are available here.

⚔️The Bay Area Open

 The 2023 Bay Area Open by Frontline Gaming will be held just outside of San Francisco, and is happening May 27th-28th. More information on the event, including hotel & registration, can be found on their website

⚔️The Portal

In Manchester, CT, happening May 27th. With space for up to 32 Players. Sign-up with The Portal at 60 Hilliard St. Manchester, CT 06042

⚔️ Multizone Comics and Games

In Gatineau, Quebec happening May 27th. With space for up to 30 Players. Sign-up with Multizone Comics and Games at 140 Blvd. Greber Gatineau, QC J8T6H5

 A Note from the Organized Play Team

We've heard your feedback and come up with a way to better show our appreciation for our community leaders who champion A Song of Ice & Fire TMG in-store play.

We're pleased to announce that all those who act as head judge at a Regional-level or higher event (Super Regional events, National Championships, and Frontline Gaming Series) will receive a guaranteed seat at the next held US National Championship. This will apply for Head Judges at international National Championships as well!

This is just a small token of our appreciation for all those who live and breathe Song in the communities around the globe. Thank you!

We hope to see you on the battlefield. Good luck Bannermen!

Organized Play Events Happening in April and May 2023

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