Raiders of the Iron Islands

Bannermen of the Kraken, this is the second article in our series highlighting the upcoming House Greyjoy faction for A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game, and today we will take a closer look at some of Combat Units available to the Kraken!


We are the ironborn, and once we were conquerors. Our writ ran everywhere the sound of the waves was heard.” - Euron Greyjoy

Greyjoy units favor aggression and getting the jump on their opponents. To aid in this, they often bring the unique Pillage mechanic to the table: as Greyjoy Combat Units destroy enemy ranks, they will begin to collect Pillage tokens. Each unit makes use of these tokens in various ways to enhance their combat capabilities, ranging from the standard Ironborn Raiders, who enjoy a +1 to Hit for each amassed Pillage Token, to the fearsome House Harlaw Reapers, whose ability to sow terror across the battlefield is only heightened as the killing commences. The longer a unit remains in the fight, and the more they devastate their foes, the stronger they will become-such is the way of the Kraken!

Of course, gaining fantastic buffs based on striking down foes doesn’t mean much if you’re just as easily slain! To aid in their fight, House Greyjoy also has a great number of boons and restorative effects spread across numerous Attachments as well as Tactics Cards... But we will cover those in due time...


“Do you want to die old and craven in your bed?” - Asha Greyjoy

Unfortunately, while the Greyjoys enjoy several offensive and tactical tricks, a key weakness across the faction is a less than impressive Morale Stat average... It turns out that raiders only loyal to power and plunder don’t make for the most loyal soldiers. This, combined with fact that, as raiders with a focus on shock-tactics, most Greyjoy combat units also have poor Defense Saves as well (with some notable exceptions, such as the juggernauts that are the Ironmakers). Fear not though, as previously mentioned, what they lack in Defense and Morale, the Greyjoys make up for in restorative effects-so while casualties might be high, there are always those willing to make up the difference when greater promises of loot and plunder are offered! This can be seen in the Warsworn Attachment, who allows their unit to restore casualties to their ranks-as long as they keep killing!


Wizards may be well and good, but blood and steel win wars.” - Victarion Greyjoy

While all the Great Houses of Westeros implement certain levels of intrigue and subterfuge to win their conflicts, the Ironborn are noteworthy in their more savage usage of such methods. Not above underhanded tactics, House Greyjoy incorporates a number of sneaky methods to strike enemies where they are most vulnerable. Examples of this can be seen with the Reaver Captain Attachment, which allows a unit to Outflank their foes, deploying in unexpected locations across the battlefield. No matter what strategy your opponent has concocted, the Greyjoys will prove to have dastardly tools to undermine their effects!

Raiders of the Iron Islands

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