Renly for the Iron Throne

Though Joffrey Baratheon currently sits on the Iron Throne, Robert’s brothers, Stannis and Renly, each feel that it should be them in that position. They have taken up arms in order to make a move on King’s Landing and assert themselves as the true heir. However, they are not teamed up to do this. They both feel the Iron Throne should be theirs and, as such, have torn House Baratheon in two. Everyone has had to choose sides in this house divided. The Baratheon Heroes #2 box set includes characters who have sworn loyalty to Renly. This new set will include a wealth of new options for House Baratheon players who have chosen to side with the younger Baratheon brother. Let’s take a look at just what comes inside.

House Baratheon is unique in the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game due to the House’s Loyalty rules. Different Characters will work for only one Baratheon brother or the other, and players aren’t able to mix Loyalties in their forces. So, if they choose to have an army that follows Renly, then only characters and units that are Loyal to him (or those that don’t have any Loyalty rules at all, like the House’s main-line units) may be fielded. This limiting of options means players will have to get creative with their builds. But it also means that those whose Loyalties lie together generally have good synergy between them.

Of the Unit Attachments that come in the Baratheon Heroes #2 box set, it would be remiss to have characters loyal to Renly without actually having Renly there. So, of course, he’s there and is a Commander option for the force. He brings his Unwavering Charisma to whatever unit he’s in. That grants the unit immunity to enemy Tactics cards or Influence by enemy NCUs. With how strong some Tactics cards and Influence abilities can be, not being able to be targeted by them is huge. The unit will live and die by the dice rolls in combat and not whatever dirty tricks the opponent might have in store. And where Renly is, Brienne is not far behind. When attached to a unit, she grants it Renly’s Protector. This ability lets her unit make a free attack or Charge action against any unit that targets Renly’s unit on the field, and even grants them extra dice when doing so. This can create a very powerful 1-2 punch, as Brienne’s unit turns into a very effective bodyguard for the hopeful king. Loras Tyrell also is available to add to player’s forces, with both a Commander and regular Attachment variety. His regular version adds Precision to his unit, meaning that when they roll 6s when they attack, those Hits don’t allow Defense Saves. He brings his practiced fencing skills to bear, letting his unit sneak their blades into enemy armor more easily.

The Tyrells also show up in the NCUs in the box set. Margaery Tyrell, whenever she claims a Zone on the Tactics Board, lets the Baratheon player either restore 1 Wound to a friendly unit or remove 1 Wound from an enemy unit. This allows the Baratheon player great versatility, as it might just be 1 Wounds, but it could mean gaining or losing an entire Rank for a unit or finish off an enemy who has been stubbornly clinging to the board with a single Wound left. While Margaery Tyrell focuses on Units, Olenna Tyrell’s sights are set on enemy NCUs. When she claims a Zone on the Tactics Board, she causes 1 enemy NCU to lose all Abilities until the end of the round.

But that’s hardly all, as Eldon Estermont and Cortnay Penrose also come in this box, bringing their own unique tricks to the Baratheon arsenal.

The Baratheon Heroes #2 box set will be available soon.

You can read more about the Baratheon Heroes #2 box set here.

Renly for the Iron Throne

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