Umber is the Color of the Season

For thousands of years, House Umber has been staunch allies of House Stark. With both Houses located in the far north of Westeros, close to the Wall, they often have to defend against wilding encounters. This has forged a strong bond of friendship and loyalty between the two. Now, during the War of the Five Kings, House Umber has answered the call of Stark and marches to war under the banner of the Dire Wolf. A hardy people, they make strong soldiers on the battlefield and will hopefully ensure that a Stark is on the Iron Throne. This month, two new House Umber unit boxes will be released. They work exclusively for Stark commanders. Let’s take a look at them now.

The Umber Greataxes are a very flexible unit on the field. While they don’t overly-excel at any one role, they can easily shift between several different roles as the battle dictates. They have a moderate melee attack ability and have decent armor. They can plug gaps in battle lines, stand against enemy forces, or be sent on rescue missions to hold objectives in equal measure. The Umber Greataxes Unit Box contains 12 miniatures that any Stark commander would find useful when battle is met.

The Umber Berserkers, however, do have a specialized role out on the battlefield. Smart commanders will aim them at the closest enemy unit and simply watch the carnage unfold. To say that these men are hungry for battle is an understatement. They’re starving for it. And when they meet the enemy lines, they feast with reckless abandon. They work themselves into such a frenzy that even the death of their comrades in no way shakes their determination. In fact, they almost cherish it, fighting even harder. “More for me” is the attitude they take. And when they hit, they hit hard, causing enemy armor to crack and break under the strain of their blows. The Umber Berserkers Unit Box contains 12 regular soldiers and one Umber Champion Unit Attachment, and they’re ready to get their blades wet with enemy blood.

If there’s one thing that House Stark is good at, it’s making loyal allies. House Umber is just one such house. With bonds of friendship and brotherhood going back thousands of years, these two houses have stood together on uncountable battlefields together. In the War of the Five Kings, they will certainly stand together on more. These new units will be a welcome sight for any Stark Commander. They will be available on October 26.

Umber is the Color of the Season

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