Update 1.5 Released

Bannermen! The release of 1.5 is upon us today!

There is lots to digest but we’ve broken it down for you here individually, so you know just what is what!

All files can be found at our main site under the Documents Tab. And of course in the War Council App, available for download on both Android and IOS systems.

Now, on to the specific breakdowns.

First, we have the fully Updated v1.5 Rulebook. We have two versions for you here, one with all changes highlighted, and one as a standard file:

Change Log Version

Regular Version

When going over that, you can cross-reference the General Rulebook/FAQ v1.5.

Beyond that, the respective Faction FAQS have also been Updated. These are where you’re going to want to go (Outside the War Council App) to Download all the latest Card Updates. Included in each of these files, on the last page, is a full Change Log showing just what was updated for each of the cards, as well as Design Notes explaining the changes in further detail.

Finally, the Game Modes and Tournament Rules Documents were also updated to v1.5 version, though in both these cases nothing but the Version Number was modified. This is so, moving forward, all documents can maintain consistent versions (e.g. everything is currently v1.5). We hope you enjoy these updates!

Now get out there and claim the throne for yourself!

Update 1.5 Released

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