Vision in the Flames 2023 - House Greyjoy

Hello Bannermen! Fábio Cury, Designer and Lead Developer of the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game writing to you here.

In this article we will address the changes made to the Greyjoys for this update, listing what units have Ability changes, what units have changed in points, as well as changes that are unique to the Greyjoys.

If you want to read more about general changes in Abilities overall, please check this article: Visions in the Flames 2023 (V2021.S02) - General

Faction Changes Overview

The Greyjoys were heavily affected by the general ability changes. The general changes, as their name suggests, were not targeted at any specific faction. But with them, the Greyjoys required little else, apart from some small improvements on units and a slight rework on Asha, The Kraken’s Daughter.

We’ve listed all the changes below by category to help you out.

General Ability Changes

Specific Ability Changes

•Asha Greyjoy, The Kraken’s Daughter: Removed Rally Point, added Boisterous Charisma.

Asha was outshining most other Greyjoy Commanders. This was due to her being able to mitigate the Greyjoy’s weakest attribute: Morale. Although we do believe that Asha should bring Morale improvements to her army, they should stick to her unit. That being said, we placed Asha more into the role of “aspiring queen” by adding Boisterous Charisma.

Divide the Spoils was not as effective as we’d expected on this unit’s release. This is due to the Blacktyde Chosen being a more expensive, elite unit. By replacing this Ability with Embolden, we’ve ensured them as an anchor to your army, fulfilling their role as an elite support unit.

The Harlaw Reapers were lacking in offensive potential and survivability. We’ve corrected this by allowing players to choose 1 more option on their Reaper’s Fervor Ability.

As the waves creep in and drown the Visions in the Flames, we can wrap up and conclude that the Greyjoys must be very aware of the general changes in order to master these new tides.

Vision in the Flames 2023 - House Greyjoy

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