Visions in the Flames 2023 - House Baratheon

Hello Bannermen! Fábio Cury, Designer and Lead Developer of the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game writing to you here.

In this article, we will address the changes made to the Baratheons for this update, listing what units have Ability changes, what units have changed in points, as well as changes that are unique to the Baratheons.

If you want to read more about general changes in Abilities overall, please check this article: Visions in the Flames 2023 (V2021.S02) - General

Faction Changes Overview

Honest and straight-forward is how Baratheons act, so I’ll keep it direct and simple. There were few changes and no points adjustments. Units are performing as expected in both Loyalties. Attachments were minorly affected by General Ability Changes.

We’ve listed all the changes below by category to help you out.

General Ability Changes

Specific Ability Changes

The Champions of the Stag are an elite, attrition Cavalry unit. As such, they have a great Defense value and many Attack Abilities. Their over-the-top stats were pushing the unit into a much more aggressive role than intended.

The Queen’s Men may only draw the Baratheon Justice card now. By being able to draw both Baratheon Justice and Baratheon Conviction, they were a little too versatile.

The night is dark and full of terrors, but it only gets darker as the flames extinguish and our Visions in the Flames for now dissipate. Baratheons can confidently stick to their current battle plans.

Visions in the Flames 2023 - House Baratheon

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