Visions in the Flames 2023 - House Lannister

Hello Bannermen! Fábio Cury, Designer and Lead Developer of the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game writing to you here.

In this article, we will address the changes made to the Lannisters for this update, listing what units have Ability changes, what units have changed in points, as well as changes that are unique to the Lannisters.

If you want to read more about general changes in Abilities overall, please check this article: Visions in the Flames 2023 (V2021.S02) - General.

Faction Changes Overview

“A Lannister always pays his debts”. This saying cannot be truer in this Visions in the Flames. Apart from the general changes to abilities, many units have had points reductions! The Lannsiter units below were requiring too careful of planning and positioning on the battlefield to achieve their maximum potential, and only then be on par with other units. By reducing the cost of these key units, we hope they will fill their role on the Lannsiter roster and shine when cleverly played.

Most changes to Attachments, as you’ll see, are clarifications or quality-of-life changes.

We’ve listed all the changes below by category to help you out.

General Ability Changes

Points Costs Changes:

The Casterly Rock Honor Guard are extremely potent when paired with the right Commanders. Despite that, choosing Commanders and committing Tactics cards still should be considered when balancing units.

With the Ability changes made to the Clegane Butcher, a points change was due.

At 7 points and lightly armored, the Brigands were not enough of a bargain when compared to the other, heavier, Cavalry units.

The Haberdiers were more on par with other 5 point Units. Instead of giving them more Abilities or stats, we decided to reduce their cost to 5. We believe they will add to the Lannister’s range of 5 point Units without competing with them, as they fill a different role than Guardsmen, Bolton Cutthroats, or Stormcrow Mercenaries.

Specific Ability Changes:

This change keeps Addam’s design concept while avoiding conflicts with his other ability (Jaime’s Vassal).

The Honor Guard’s movement was too big of a hindrance compared to other elite units.

The Clegane Butcher was very powerful, but expensive at 2 points. By reworking him, we hope to place him as a viable option in Lannister armies.

Placing a 2 Victory Points target on the Kingsgard, a Unit with 8 Wounds, was making playing them an uphill battle.

As we conclude these Visions in the Flames, we can rest assured the Lannisters will keep paying their debts and their soldiers will gladly go to war with their purses full! Thank you for following us through another Visions in the flames!

Visions in the Flames 2023 - House Lannister

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