Visions in the Flames 2023 - Night's Watch

Hello Sworn Brothers of the Watch! Fábio Cury, Designer and Lead Developer of ASOIAF TMG, writing to you here.

In this article we will address the changes made to the Night’s Watch for this update, listing what units have Ability changes, what units have changed in points, as well as changes that are unique to the Night’s Watch.

If you want to read more about general changes in Abilities overall, please check this article: Visions in the Flames 2023 (V2021.S02) - General.

Faction Changes Overview

The Night’s Watch were mostly affected by general changes in Abilities. Despite a couple NCUs having their points adjusted, most specific Abilities and Attachments were left untouched. This is mostly because their units are being used in healthy numbers across all lists.

We’ve listed all the changes below by category to help you out.

General Ability Changes

Points Costs Changes

Donal Noye’s Ability can shift key moments of the battle in the Night’s Watch’s favor. But at 5 points and only 2 uses each game, he was being shadowed by other NCUs. Reducing Donal to 4 points puts him in a competitive position on the Night’s Watch NCU roster.

Qhorin’s Abilities did not justify his points cost.

With the changes to Relentless, the Watch Captain can drop a point.

Speific Ability Changes

This is a wording fix to ensure that Gilly can be used once per game, during any Round of the player’s choosing.

Jon, with his very versatile kit of cards, as well as Ghost, was outshining other Commanders. On top of that, he was able to quickly heal up units with his Rally Cry Ability. Although we do want Night’s Watch players to have access to Wound restoration, it must be earned. Jon simply had it all: The extra offense, the healing, and the not dying!

This change will keep them on par with other units in their points range.

And now our watch is ended, as well as this Visions in the Flames. Most of these changes are either general abilities changes or minor adjustments. Night’s Watch players will find it easy to adjust to these changes.

Visions in the Flames 2023 - Night's Watch

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