Here Be Giants

Free Folk is getting some new reinforcements in just a few days!

We were intoduced to the Giant Spear Throwers back in December here, but how does that lore translate to the tabletop?

They’re getting walking ballistae in the form of the Giant Spear Throwers. These not-so-gentle giants hurl the equivalent of sharpened tree trunks at enemy formations. When fighting in both melee and ranged combat, the giants roll 3 dice, hitting on 3+, with Vicious and Sundering. But for their ranged attacks, the oomph that the giants put into their throws means defenders don’t get Defense Saves.

Also, the spears do 2 Wounds with each Hit versus Cavalry, Monsters, or War Machines. If that wasn’t enough, the giants can really put their backs into it and throw the spears regardless of range or Line of Sight. Though, that does give them a -3 to Hit. But still, they can fling those spears anywhere. Nobody is safe from death raining down from above.

The Giant Spear Throwers are available for pre-order HERE and releasing this Friday, February 23!

Here Be Giants

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