Season 4 Tactics Packs available through Forgefire


We're excited to announce another product that we will be releasing in our partnership with Forgefire. Starting from today, you can order a full set of Tactics Cards printed at $19.99 per pack. These packs will contain the up-to-date Tactics Cards of each faction, allowing you to shuffle up and play with your favourite commanders in your next game!

You may purchase the ASOIAF: TMG Season 4 Tactics Pack for each faction at these links:



Night's Watch

Free Folk






With shipping available to both the US and EU, be sure to get these packs to enhance your gameplay experience!

For those who want to preview the cards before purchasing packs, all the Tactics cards from Seasonal Update 4 and beyond are conveniently available for viewing on our website and through the War Council App for Android and iOS. We've made sure to provide multiple avenues for exploring our card content, ensuring everyone can find a method that suits their preferences!

Thank you for your continued support. See you on the battlefield!

Season 4 Tactics Packs available through Forgefire

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