House Baratheon’s Doctrine of War is Heavy

House Baratheon’s style of warfare is different from many other Houses in Westeros. While everyone fields some form of heavy infantry, what House Baratheon classifies as standard troops, others would consider heavy. The Baratheon Sentinels are the epitome of this philosophy. They head into battle covered in scale armor and wielding dual war hammers, the signature weapon of the House. First seen in the faction’s starter set, House Baratheon players will soon be able to add more of these troops to their force. Let’s take a look at what they’ll be bringing to the table.

Baratheon Sentinels cost 6 points for a player to field. So, they’re not really expensive or cheap, fitting right in the middle. For that reasonable cost, players get a lot of resilience as the Sentinels march to battle in armor that grants them a 4+ Defense Save, but still allowing for a respectable Speed of 5. The Sentinels have Morale value of 7+, meaning they won’t simply cut and run at the first threat, but commanders might want to expect to lose a few troops here and there if things get chaotic.

Offensively, the Sentinels pack a powerful punch with their double war hammers. They roll 8 dice when at full ranks and hit on a respectable 3+. Paired with that, these attacks have Sundering as the sheer force of the hammers dent shields and crash through armor. Plate mail might be nice for stopping a sword, but it’s not so great when a heavy, blunt object breaks one’s ribs underneath.

The Baratheon Sentinels are an uncomplicated unit. They go in, they attack the enemy, they get the job done. Much like the hammers they use in battle, they’re straightforward. “Apply this end to enemy repeatedly with force.” And while House Baratheon may be torn asunder, the Sentinels will gladly work for either brother, meaning that both Stannis and Renly can each field as many of these troops as they wish.

The Baratheon Sentinels unit box will be hitting store shelves on November 13th. Be sure to preorder with your FLGS to make sure they have plenty in stock to reinforce your Baratheon armies.

You can read more about the Baratheon Sentinels here.

House Baratheon’s Doctrine of War is Heavy

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