House Lannister and Targaryen Get Bolstered

Two of the most recent Houses to occupy the Iron Throne are the factions getting new units in the latest set of releases for the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game. House Targaryen held the crown until Robert’s Rebellion. Though King Robert’s eldest son, Joffrey, now claims the throne, it’s really House Lannister, his mother’s powerful noble house, that truly rules from King’s Landing. Let’s take a look at what new surprises House Targaryen and Lannister will bring to the field.

The Dothraki are known for being the best horsemen on either side of the narrow sea. The well-trained Outriders act as the advance scouts of Daenery’s forces. While scouting units can be a truly annoying harrying force for an enemy commander, the Outriders are a true nightmare to deal with. Their ability to dive into range for an attack only to once more retreat away, making them immune to easy reprisal, has caused many commanders to lose sleep. Unfortunately, this nightmare is soon to truly exist out on the battlefields of Westeros.

In the great oceans of grasslands stalks the fierce Hrakkars, the white lions. They are matched in power by only the legendary Stark Direwolves. For a khal, it is a test of their abilities to hunt and kill one. But only truly powerful warriors are able to capture and tame these great beasts. When brought to the battlefield, the cat’s hunting instincts kick in. They use their natural stealth to stalk their prey, ambushing from an unseen quarter when least expected. Using razor sharp claws and strong jaws, they take down their foes with the efficiency of an apex predator.

House Lannister is doing what it can to maintain power in the War of the Five Kings. They know that their ambition and wealth has created many enemies. To keep key locations like King’s Landing and Casterly Rock safe and orderly, they have the Red Cloaks. They are elite guard units that make sure everyone is kept in check through intimidation and the edge of a sharp blade. Of course, they are clad in the finest half-plate that money can buy. And the hefty paycheck that they bring home keeps them firmly in the Lannister’s pocket. These guards sometimes even take to the field of battle when called upon by their lords. There, they make formidable foes, able to withstand anything but the most dedicated of enemy heavy infantry. These units will go a long way to either putting House Targaryen back on the Iron Throne or cementing House Lannister’s place upon it.

Head on down to your FLGS and pick them up for your forces. Note: because of the ongoing issues from the pandemic, some locations may have stock before others. But your shop should be able to order them and get them soon if they haven’t already.

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House Lannister and Targaryen Get Bolstered

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