More Soldiers Flood Onto Westeros’ Battlefields

The Iron Throne is the goal sought by many. For whomever is seated upon it wields total power in the lands of Westeros. With Robert Baratheon’s death, the successor to the throne has been put up for contention among the various lords. It’s a conflict spilling out all across the land, in both the battlefields and noble courts, where these factions vie for control. Countless warriors are taking to the field and several new sets will soon be making it to your home tabletop fields in the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game. Let’s take a closer look at these new reinforcements.

Robert’s brothers, Stannis and Renly, have each decided that they should be the one to rule from King’s Landing. This divide has caused House Baratheon’s resources to be split, with the Bannermen within the house choosing to support one brother or the other. The Queen’s Men have pitched in with Stannis. These religious warriors follow R’hllor, the Lord of Light, and Queen Selyse as she was an early convert away from the Seven. Hence the knight’s name. These heavily armed and armored warriors will give their all to see Stannis crowned king.

But the Queen’s Men aren’t the only unit following Stannis into battle. The R’hllor Lightbringers have taken to the field on his side as well. House Baratheon is well known for having a “heavier is better” doctrine when it comes to warfare. Thus, these archers are much more heavily armored than most ranged units in battle. The Lightbringers look to literally bring light to their opponents, namely via flaming arrows. These flaming projectiles set anything they touch alight and foes must survive the raining fire before they can close in with these incredibly resilient archers.

House Targaryen held the Iron Throne up until Robert’s Rebellion and if it’s up to Daenerys, they will do so again very soon. Across the ocean in Essos, she has been on a campaign freeing thousands of slaves from captivity. These grateful newly Freedmen gladly take up arms to serve the Queen who has just saved them from bondage. Though they lack proper weapons, training, and armor, they still fight on. However, it would behoove any Targaryen commander to watch them carefully. These troops just gained their freedom and not all are prepared to lose their lives on the battlefield immediately thereafter.

Finally for this latest set of releases, there are the Hedge Knights. These landless knights have little to do with their time, so these knights-errant form together into cavalry units that will gladly hire on with anyone willing to pay their price. Though their equipment and training may not be as good as heavy cavalry from a Major House, they are still far and away much better trained and equipped than a random peasant warrior. And considering the many benefits that cavalry can bring to a battlefield, many commanders will gladly spend some gold in order to hire on their services for a battle or two.

These four new kits are expected to be at your FLGS now. Though, due to ongoing issues caused by the pandemic, some locations may still be waiting on product. Be sure to ask your FLGS when they can expect these reserves to be hitting their shelves.

More Soldiers Flood Onto Westeros’ Battlefields

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