Organized Play Events Happening in June 2023

❄️June is shaping up to be an exciting month, as thrilling events are set to unfold across North America. Grab your swords and prepare for epic battles as we dive into the upcoming regional clashes!🔥

⚔️June 3rd - Texas Toy Soldier - Carrollton, TX

The Texas Toy Soldier in Carrollton, TX, is the place to be on June 3rd. Sign-up with The Texas Toy Soldier at 2540 Marsh Ln, Carrollton, TX, United States, Texas.

⚔️June 4th - TableTop Game and Hobby - Overland Park, KS

Get ready for an action-packed event at TableTop Game and Hobby in Overland Park, KS, on June 4th. Sign-up with TableTop Game and Hobby at 9156 Metcalf Ave, Overland Park, KS, United States, Kansas

⚔️June 10th - Ender's Games - Clovis, CA

Calling all warriors in Clovis, CA! Ender's Games presents an incredible opportunity for battle on June 10th. Sign-up with Ender's Games at 195 W. Shaw Ave Suite 101B, Clovis, CA, United States, California.

⚔️June 17th - Greenhouse Games - Augusta, ME

Make your mark on June 17th at Greenhouse Games in Augusta, ME. Sign-up with Greenhouse Games at 2 Bangor St., Basement Level, Augusta, ME, United States, Maine

⚔️June 17th - Old Black Mountain Games & Toys - Johnson City, TN

Head to Old Black Mountain Games & Toys in Johnson City, TN, on June 17th, for a memorable gaming experience. Sign-up with Old Black Mountain Games & Toys at 1409 W Market St. Suite 102, Johnson City, TN, United States, Tennessee

The battlefield awaits you, Bannermen! Good luck!

Organized Play Events Happening in June 2023

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