Reinforcements on the Horizon

New releases are available for the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game. These new reinforcements will help bolster forces all across Westeros. Let’s take a quick look at these fresh troops and see what they’re capable of. 

For the commander who needs to prop up their forces with mercenaries, the Stormcrow Mercenary Company has no equal in Westeros. Always ready to line their pockets with more gold, one of their most popular units is the Stormcrow Dervishes. These veteran soldiers are light and quick, able to close quickly with their foes and deliver devastating wounds with their long knives. For the commander who wants to employ some light shocktroopers, they’re a great choice.


House Baratheon’s Stag Knights are almost the exact opposite in terms of soldiers on the field. As opposed to the lightly armed and armored light mercenaries, the Stag Knights represent some of the most heavily armored soldiers to be found on the battlefields of Westeros. Armed with massive warhammers, they smash foes while turning away enemy blows with ease. Both Renly and Stannis  employ these troops to help secure their spot on the Iron Throne.


While the Stag Knights shake the field of battle as heavy cavalry, the Free Folk that hail from north of the Wall have something heavier. The War Mammoths are massive elephant-like beasts of burden that have been commissioned for warfare. They are covered in armor and spikes, making them a devastating component of any force. No enemy wants to be staring down the tusks of a rampaging War Mammoth. Surely, they will leave an impact on the war as the Free Folk travel south.


Across the sea, Daenerys is gathering forces loyal to House Targaryen. One of the most formidable are her Unsullied, peerless warriors must complete a training regimen that kills two thirds of those that attempt it. However, those that are left are unmatched when it comes to combat prowess. The Unsullied Pikemen use their pikes and shields to devastating effect as House Targaryen’s capable infantry forces.


Finally, while the Unsullied Pikemen are certainly a worry for soldiers facing off against House Targaryen’s forces, it’s always good to keep an eye to the sky, as there be dragons here. The Mother of Dragons box set brings a trio of these dangerous beasts to the field along with their “mother,” Daenerys. With their might, it’s almost assured that she will be next on the Iron Throne.


These box sets are available now. However, due to the ongoing issues due to the global pandemic, some might not yet be available in your area, but they will be soon. Be sure to check with your FLGS and make sure that if they don’t have them already, they are on order for you. Stay tuned, as many more releases for the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game are coming soon!

Reinforcements on the Horizon

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