The King’s Men Face the Fury of the She-Bears

The war to claim the Iron Throne rages on as the major Houses of Westeros all look to seat their candidate upon it. Each House is ever rallying more bannermen to their cause and some new reinforcements are marching to the field in the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game. We have two new releases to tell you about today, the King’s Men and the House Mormont She-Bears. Let’s see what these units will be bringing to your tabletops.

House Baratheon has become a house divided. Half have thrown their lot in with Renly while the other half has chosen to back Stannis as to who should be the next Baratheon on the Iron Throne after King Robert’s death. One of the groups that has backed Stannis as their leader is the King’s Men. These religious warriors’ faith lays in the Seven, even as those that follow R’hllor continue to rise higher in the courtly ranks of Stannis’s faction. These knights gladly serve in combat, suited in armor inscribed with the symbols of their faith and wielding massive greatswords, honed to perfection. Players looking to seat Stannis on the Iron Throne would do well building a battle line around these stalwart soldiers.

Meanwhile, further to the north, House Stark sees the addition of a fierce group of female warriors from one of their strongest allies, House Mormont. They’re the House Mormont She-Bears. These hardy ladies fear no battlefield, clad in thick leather armor augmented by sturdy plate. These reinforced garments protect against both the biting cold of winter as well as blades and arrows. The She-Bears wade into battle swinging their heavy two-handed maces with wild abandon. Enemy armor does very little to stop the crushing force of their attacks. Even if the armor isn’t pierced, the force goes straight through, breaking ribs, collapsing lungs, and causing all sorts of internal damage. Though, what might be the most dangerous aspect of these troops is their unfailing resolve to House Mormont’s (and thus House Stark’s) cause in combat, meaning they almost never quit the field prematurely.

It’s looking like House Baratheon and House Stark players will certainly see some bulking up of their lines soon. Players can head on down to their FLGS and see if these new units are available. Unfortunately, due to the ongoing issues caused by the pandemic, some locations may have stock before others. But the units are making their way out there to stores now. If they’re not already at your location, they will be soon. Your FLGS can definitely get your name on the list for some.

Stay tuned as we see even more releases making their way to tabletops for the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game.

The King’s Men Face the Fury of the She-Bears

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