The Night’s Watch valiantly stands against anything that might threaten Westeros. They fearlessly man The Wall, ever-vigilant against the horrors further north. They are sworn brothers, forsaking any life they might have had before joining up. They are a battle-hardened force unlike any other. While the life they lead is certainly dangerous, those that survive become paragons of combat as Veterans of the Watch. They will soon be making their way to tabletops in the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game. Let’s take a look at what Night’s Watch commanders can expect out of these tried and tested warriors.

The Veterans of the Watch are not a cheap unit to field, coming in at eight points. But what do commanders get with such a cost? They have a moderate speed of five, having trained hard with their armor, and are able to carry the load without difficulty. Speaking of armor, it’s some of the best that can be found in Westeros. The Veterans of the Watch have a respectable Defense Save of 3+, meaning most hits they take will be turned aside. With their Morale value at a 5+, they are also very hard to break in combat. All that training and combat experience really pays off when it comes to keeping a unit’s resolve out on the battlefield.

But how about the offensive side of things? The Veterans of the Watch are armed with dual weapons, training hard in using two swords to maximum efficiency. They throw a very respectable eight dice when at full ranks and hit on 3+. Training so hard with double swords shows in their Counterattack order. This means that while they’re attacking with one sword, they can defend with the other, and even riposte against opponents. When used while the unit is being attacked in melee, it causes an automatic Hit to the enemy for every Hit blocked by the Veterans. With their good Defense Save value, this could very easily mean that the opponent takes more damage than the Veterans do during an exchange.

The Veterans of the Watch are a rock-solid unit that a commander would do well to build an army around, literally and figuratively. They can be the starting point for a force, as well as a stable centerpiece for the army. They can move forward against enemy fire and hold a line together on their own. Once on an objective, they would be extremely hard to dislodge, and an opponent would have to make a concerted effort to put any real dents in their ranks.

The Veterans of the Watch will be making it to tabletops September 6th.

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