Updating Update 2021.s03

Changes made in Update 2021.s03 now available, and here's a reference for what was changed in the print files available HERE.

App based issues were also addressed but are not listed here.

S03 Rulebook changes:

- Game Modes restored to the correct version

- A Full Tactics Board rule restored to the correct version

S03 FAQ Changes:

- New questions added.

Master Card List changes:

- Long Range corrected on Thenn Warriors, Sentinel Enforcer, Grenn - Aurochs, Belwas - The Strong, Bryce Caron – The Orange.

- Euron Greyjoy – Crow’s Eye – Poisoned Gifts updated.

- Jon Snow – The Crow-Come-Over – Southern Knowledge corrected.

- Erik Ironmaker – Anvil Breaker – Gifts of Silver and Bronze updated.

- Erik Ironmaker – The Just – Gifts of Iron, Gold and Steel updated.

- Balon Greyjoy – The Kraken King – The Kraken’s Dues updated.

Stark Tactics Cards:

- Winter is Coming corrected.

- Maege Mormont – Lady of Bear Island – Here We Stand! Corrected.

Lannister Tactics Cards:

- Fealty to the Crown corrected.

Baratheon Tactics Cards:

- Eldon Estermont – Lord of Greenstone – Martial Superiority corrected.

- Davos Seaworth – Hero of Blackwater – Fealty to the Crown corrected.

Targaryen Tactics Cards:

- Greyworm – Unsullied Commander – Battle Endurance corrected.

Updating Update 2021.s03

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