A New Year Brings New Offerings

Welcome back, bannermen. January is here and with it will come some new releases for the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game.

We’ve seen what these units are like fluff-wise, but how does that translate to the tabletop? In just 1 week, the Baratheon Halberdiers and the House Umber Ravagers will be joining us. Let’s take a quick peek and see what’s going on.

We begin with the new cavalry unit coming for House Stark, the House Umber Ravagers. This unit turns their defensive shortcomings into offensive power.

So, sure, their Defense Save is only 5+, but their special rule, Executioner's Axe, makes it so if they have fewer remaining ranks than the unit they’re attacking, the attack gains Vicious and the defender becomes Panicked. In conjunction with Sundering, it's a petty good way to maximize those axes that actually roll more dice at one rank than two (8 versus 6, respectively). The Ravagers are ready to get stuck in and thrive after taking some abuse from the opponent.

Next, let’s head over to House Baratheon and check out their upcoming unit of Halberdiers. This unit will work for either Stannis or Renly, so every Baratheon commander can make use of them. The unit has the heavy armor that House Baratheon is known for, with a 3+ Defense save. They also train well with their halberds, rolling 7 dice and hitting on 4+ with both full and two ranks.

And those long hafts give the attack Sundering as well. The unit is also adept at causing discord in the enemy ranks. Their order, Taunt, lets them target an enemy that’s activating within Long Range. If that unit could attack or Charge the Halberdiers and doesn’t, they become Vulnerable and Weakened.

The Halberdiers are ideal at forcing the opponent’s hand into situations they’d rather not get into. Smart Baratheon commanders will use this to the utmost, making it so their opponents have no good choices when it comes time to activate a unit. And there you have it, a little overview of what you can expect all the January releases to be like out on the battlefields of Westeros.

Pre-order the Baratheon Halbediers here.

Pre-order the House Umber Ravagers here.

Thanks for stopping by and we’ll see you next time for another set of A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game releases.

A New Year Brings New Offerings

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