Coming Ashore

The Kraken is getting some new reinforcements in just a few days! We were intoduced to the Stony Shore Pillagers back in December here, but how does that lore translate to the tabletop?

The Stony Shore Pillagers give House Greyjoy a light, melee-centric unit. Coming ashore, they have a 4+ Defense Save, because you don’t want to be in heavy armor if a boat tips you overboard.

However, the unit might stick around longer than one might think. When Order: Scavenge is triggered, the unit gains a Pillage token.

Later on, when performing a melee attack, they have not only Precision, but they can also spend Pillage tokens to restore 2 Wounds per token spent. The unit also comes with the Sunset Sea Brave attachment.

The Iron Credit effect allows this attachment to place an Order token on the card whenever a friendly unit within Short Range gains a Pillage token. Then, before performing a melee attack, his unit can spend those tokens to remove 1 Condition token and (if you spend more than 1 Order token) roll their highest Attack Die value.

Stony Shore Pillagers are available for pre-order HERE and releasing on March 22, 2024!

Coming Ashore

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