What is Dead May Never Die

Bannermen! The raiders of House Greyjoy are soon to enter the War of the Five Kings!

Over the last few months, we have discussed the numerous aspects of the Faction, and to celebrate their upcoming arrival we’ve collected all this information in one place for your reading pleasure:

The Kraken Stirs

Tactics of the Iron Fleet

Raiders of the Iron Fleet

Captains of the Iron Fleet

Politics of the Iron Fleet

Of course, to those who have been keeping track, you’ve probably seen all those articles before, so today we have one additional release for you: We’ve gone ahead and Updated the War Council App with all the contents of the initial Greyjoy Wave, as well as the updated 2021 Rulebook and Game Modes documents!

*Please note that at the time of this article, the Update may still be processing through Apple and/or Android, but it will be available soon!

You can download the official App here:

Apple Link

Android Link

This release contains the following content:

• Greyjoy Starter Box

• Ironborn Raiders

• Ironborn Bowmen

• Ironborn Trappers

• House Harlaw Reapers

• Ironmakers

• Greyjoy Hero Box #1

So begin planning your forces for the official Greyjoy release, upcoming in just a few short weeks!

What is Dead May Never Die

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